This page is for review, acknowledgement and tribute

to the life of Bessie Thompson.

Bessie lived a full life.

She gave and cared much.

She truly made a difference to so many.

196 Pix 2003-04 011.jpg Bessie Thompson 046 DSC09450.JPG

In her 93 years, Bessie may be remembered in the following places: Los Angeles, CA; San Saba, Texas; Orchard, Texas; Lyle, WA; Pomerory, WA; Hermiston, OR; Prineville, OR; Kirkland, WA; Brussels Belgium; Olympia, WA; and Yelm, WA.

We thank you for coming to visit this tribute page.

This site was built, and is maintained by Bessie’s daughter, Sue.

Blog entries are listed on the Comments page. CLICK HERE to view.

Here are some of the Posts listed there. Click on title to view.  

  1. Bessie Was Here.

  2. Sew What – Bessie’s sewing skills.

  3. Emotions  – Remembrances.

  4. Woman to Woman – Encourament.


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  1. the page is pretty

  2. james says:

    That makes me so happy to hear!!! Good luck

  3. Woman Wants says:

    Nice posting, I agree with you,……….
    Anyway I like your blog, it’s beautifull blog.

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